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Welcome to ISIS, the beauty and day spa that delivers nothing but luxury and indulgence for both Men & Women. Our friendly, fully trained staff, together with our delightful Professional salon only products are a heavenly combination. Our wide range of beauty products are supplied by Sothy’s, expert professionals who are exclusively devoted to beauty institutes and spas all over the world.


Come and experience ISIS… for SPA LIFE IS MAGNIFIQUE for the mind, body and spirit.


Sothys was the name the Ancient Egyptians gave to the brightest star in the sky;

she symbolized to them eternal beauty.

During a heavenly night, Saturn met the young star Sothys

– even Venus never seemed so beautiful.

Their meeting was astonishing and Saturn was overwhelmed with passion for her;

this threw the regular rhythm of the stars into confusion.

Venus could not bear the fact she was not any more the most beautiful star in the sky.

She took her revenge and Sothys fell into the dark of the night and disappeared.

Saturn cried over forty days and forty nights and flooded the Earth.

During centuries, the world heard nothing about Sothys until the day when…

Sothys reappeared to deliver her secret to the Earth :

she dedicated herself to women in order to preserve their beauty and happiness.

As a tribute, Men venerated her as a Goddess.

Together with Isis Beauty & Day Spa & Sothys Professional Skincare Spa Life is Magnifique



Escape the daily grind and release your mind of all its worry and stress. In today’s world, we become so caught up in our daily routines of juggling kids, careers and home lives, we forget to look after ourselves. It’s too easy to neglect our personal needs and it’s even easier to make up the excuses as to why we don’t have the time to meet them. So make a little time today and renew your inner peace Give your mind the sense of balance it deserves by spoiling ones self.



How do you feel when you see yourself in the mirror? Often the way we feel on the inside is dictated by how we see ourselves on the outside. For example, think back to your formal, wedding day or that special occasion when you were able to put on a lovely outfit and have your make-up and nails done. It feels wonderful doesn’t it? Why restrict yourself to those ‘once in a blue moon’ occasions?


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  • P A C K A G E S



Head to Toe French Indulgence ( 5 Star Rating ) – All professional Sothys Skincare.

Your Choice of Massage with:


Sensorial Spa Massage (The body determines the essential delights used in this massage. Each visit your body will choose the essential oil that it needs whether it be for calming, stress and uplifting. A delightful warmed sea salt and sugar exfoliation with an exotic oil warmly sponged off & your choice of massage medium, wax for firming the cream for hydration and the oil for the person that likes the traditional warmed oils. The essential oils that your body has chosen with the warmed massage medium of your choice. Advise your therapist of the pressure you would like to receive for your experience with us.)


Aromatic Hot Stones (aromatic ginger nutmeg cinnamon & bitter orange full body exfoliation with a warmed exotic marula oil massage. Hot stones to massage out the stress and knots in the muscles and the oriental uplifting of the bitter orange and delightful asian inspired smells and Massage.)


Japanese Inspired Hanakasumi Massage (Warmed cherry blossom aromas with shea butter & full body exfoliation with a special rice paper including an acupressure foot massage.)

Magnifique Manicure (Amazing Hand treatment with Polish included)

Magnifique Foot indulgence  (Includes soak, exfoliation, toenail cut, file, buff, massage, heel work and smoothing and polish)

French Facial (depending on your skins requirements -includes double cleanse, tone, exfoliate, digiesthetic facial massage, mask,eye cream, serum & moisturise.)

Chocolates & a Mini bottle of champas

Full skin consultation and home care instructions

Isis Signature Eye Brow Sculpt


Total Time: 3 hrs 30mins


Isis Signature Treatment



– Full body exfoliation – 20mins
– 30 minute back massage
– 30 minute ISIS spa facial
– Relaxing foot massage
– Hot Towel Foot treatment
– Manicure with Polish
– Mini pedicure with polish (heels extra)
– Relaxing foot soak with essential oils


Total Time: 2 hrs 15 mins


 Pregnancy “Mums to be” OR Baby Shower

– Lower back, Neck and Shoulders Pregnancy Massage – 20mins
– Pregnancy Pedicure– Toenail cut, Soak, File, Foot Exfoliation and Moisturise
– Bikini wax OR eye brow sculpt
– Facial cleanse, tone, moisturise exfoliate and eyecream & moisturise – 20mins


Total Time: 1 hrs 30 mins

Look 10 Years Younger Package


– Led Photo Facial for (pigmentation, Anti ageing, Redness , Capillaries, Acne, Scarring)
– Micro Dermabrasion Crystal Peel
– Ampoule therapy (100% pure active ingredients to enhance your treatment and make it last longer.
– Desquacrem Forte for deep cleaning and exfoliation (for Milia, blackheads excessive oil and dull sluggish skins)
– Cleanse, lotion, gommage Plus eye cream & Moisturise
– Full skin consultation and home care recommendations

Total Time: 45 mins


Formal Package & Wedding Package


– Natural Make up
– Special Occassion tips
– eyebrow wax Or Lashtint
– Spray tan


Cleopatra Relaxation Spa Bath in Candlelit Room


Imagine lounging around in a beautiful large deep spa bath with gentle pummelling spa jets massaging and sending you off into a relaxation dreamland. No kids, no interruptions . Firstly join your therapist for a beautiful Massage with pressure of your choice. The divine essential smells of our Sothys bath crystals to nourish and hydrate your body…
– Combined with a back, neck and shoulder massage.


Total Time: 45 mins


– Lunch optional with packages (P.O.A.)

– Flowers can be arranged at extra charge please ask at Reception

*Note we don’t recycle or reuse our wax* Professional specialised waxes only with built in anaesthetic ingredients


Ultimate Waxing Package


Includes full leg, bikini and underarms or eyebrows


Isis Signature wax


Includes Full leg Underarm or Ebw and Brazilian with top quality Brazilian wax.


Full leg and bikini                                               76

Top leg & bikini                                                  60

Brazilian incl all off or leave a strip (first off Brazilian wax)


Full leg                                                           55.95

3/4 leg                                                            48

Top 1/2 leg                                                      43

1/2 leg                                                            39

Bikini wax                                                        35

Arm wax                                                          39.95

1/2 arm                                                           35

Underarm                                                         22

Full face                                                            44

                 Full face with Ampoule                       55

                 Full face wax with 1/2 hr mini facial mask 69

Chin wax                                                       22

Lip wax                                                          20

Brow wax                                                       22

Unlimited eye brow wax  (12 months)               220


Isis Signature Brow Bar Consultation & Shape


Advice on what shapes your whole face. One on one consultation with the dynamics of making your face look younger, enhancing one of your best most focal points. We will advise you and perfect one of the most important features on your face. Shape, size, length including trimming if needed. Once you have had your brow consultation we will record your shape and desired affect . Brows to be jealous of.


Men’s hair removal: Waxing

Full leg                                                             55

Full Back                                                           91

1/2 Back                                                           51.75

Full Chest                                                          91

1/2 Chest                                                          51.75

* Prices & Packages are subject to change at anytime
Waxing comes with a delightful hot towel treatment Wax removal Oil application of Aloe vera & Jasmine & Moisturise to help aid against ingrown hairs.

  • S K I N


Variable Pulsed Light


Safe Pain Free Permanent Hair Reduction for Dark Hair on Men & Women of all areas except Nose & Ears

– Consultation is Necessary before any treatments can be provided  (Prices will be given depending on the size of the area at Consultation.)

Consultation 35

Backs OR Chest (From)                                  150

Lip                                                                   70

Chin                                                                 90

Under arm                                                        150

Bikini / Brazilian (from)                                     $180

Legs, Full Arm, ½ arms, Hands , Feet, between the eyebrow, Nipples, beards.

Treatment of skin rejuvenation (from)                90

Photo facials, red viens/capillaries, acne, scarring, sun damage and brown spots.


24 carat Gold Facial $395
Amazing healing and anti ageing
Properties going right back To
Ancient Egyptian times to modern discoveries. Great for reducing capillary damage also and brightening the skin. Not to say the brilliant anti ageing properties. A must have.

Secrets Face

An intensive and totally relaxing treatment for hormonal affected or stressed skin.


– Firstly your SOTHYS Therapist will remove any eye makeup carefully before the facial cleansing phase.
– Cleansing: Make-up removing Balm is a melting cleanser designed to dissolve makeup and impurities.
– Lotion: Evanescent Milky Lotion is a soft emulsion used to balance the skin after cleansing
– Resurface: Pearl & water-lily precious scrub is a gentle exfoliant to remove dead skin cells and refine the skin.
– Massage: Digi-Esthetique® voluptuous modelling Cream is massaged into the skin leaving it silky soft.
– Pre-Mask Infusion: Instant smoothing gel provides instant firming effects prior to the warm mask infusion.
– Mask: Metamorphosis mask – A warm melted mask is applied and while you relax
– Completion of Treatment: Silky Wrinkle-filling serum is infused to conclude your facial ritual.


Secrets Face & Body


A total anti-stress experience, a multi sensorial journey working with all the senses…


Cosmecutical Anti – Ageing Medical Grade Facial (1hr)


The ultimate cosmeceutical resurfacing and regenerating program designed to target each skin’s ‘grade’ of ageing with adaptations to treat and preserve the youth of the skin.

Course of 5 for best results ……………………. pay for 5 cosmecutical facial up front and receive a free hair treatment plus a neck & shoulder massage valued @ $80 FREE


20% Peel


Resurface, Regenerate and Renew your skin with SOTHYS new medical grade Hydroxyl acid peeling treatment 20% Full glycolic and 1.3% Salycylic acid encapsulated in micro technology to prevent skin irritation and direct delivery into the skins deeper layers.


Pigmentation & Hormonal Chloasma


Whitening Facial

The active ingredients in this treatment combine to give a laser like exfolliation and deliver a lightening and illuminating effect on skin. Pure vitamin c is applied to act as a potent anti oxident to effectively deal with an ageing and

pigmented skin. A course of treatments and homecare would give your skin the best results!!! Tip Don’t forget wear our Sothys sunscreen or Algologie sunscreen to prevent further sundamage…


Variable Pulsed Light Treatment for pigmentation (Consultation)


Treatments Available for Hands and Face

from 99

LED Cold Light Photo Facial


Permanent Reduction (works on a cellular level to treat Lines/Anti-ageing, Pigmentation, Redness/Capillary damage, Acne, Scarring, Wound healing, Psoriasis, eczema, treatment.
LED Photo Facial $50 extra with 1hr Facial- to intensify treatment results
Recommended course of 8 (3 days apart) then maintenance best used with whitening homecare.

Derma Roller


For Permanent Removal of deep acne scarring, lines around facial and lip area and also aids in pigmentation, acne pustular and stretch marks. Ask for more information.

Homecare Derma Roller                                  99

Homecare Roller Plus Spa Facial (30mins)        169

Clinical Derma Roller                                      600


Hydration Face & Body


–  to Help Plump Lines and Minimise Skin tightness

Includes full body exfoliation, body mask and massaging movements hot towel off and ultimate in hydrating cream for intense moisture

New Generation Hydroptimale THI3 will rehydrate your skin and prevent further water loss to create a healthier more youthful complexion. Designed to encourage your skin to preserve itself against time and ageing.

Treat Dehydration (1 hr)                                    159

Treat body Dehydration Wrap PLUS with Dehydration Facial (1hr 15mins)                                                            179


Detoxifying & Cellulite Reduction: 

Thalgo Micronised Algae Skin Detox Facial(1 hr)

Rejuvenating a tired, stressed sluggish skin. Encourages a healthy cellular metabolism with a complex of aromatic essential plant extracts. A lunchtime radiance pick-me-up facial. Want to look your best in a flash? Touch up make-up can be done… Perfect! Fantastic for Smokers skins, prone to oiliness, adult acne bought on by stress, hormonal or toxic acne, cysts on jawline that don’t become pustular they are just sore!!!


Detoxifying & Cellulite Reduction: 

Thalgo Detox Facial PLUS Cellulite / Slimness Detox Wrap


Why not detox on the inside as well as the outside try our Detox wrap for just an extra $40 with your Skin Detox Facial


Vitamin C Skin Radiance (1 hr)


Guaranteed no break outs for Weddings or special occasions. A powerful Vitamin C antioxidant cocktail to restore a radiant complexion glowing good health. Aromatic concentrated essences of orange, mandarin and lemon will leave. Your skin hydrated and energised. For best results course of 3 one/ week for 3 weeks plus home care.


ISIS Treatment Ampoule Therapy Facial (1 hr)


This ampoule facial treatment uses specialized facial solutions and preparations that address the concerns of various skin types. This facial treatment uses a balancing treatment solution for normal skin, an active solution for oily skin with occasional breakouts and a strengthening and soothing treatment solution for sensitive skin.


Ampoule therapy Plus eye treatment (1hr)


A deep cleanse and exfoliation followed by a personally prescribed intensive ampoule complex and treatment mask designed for each Lines, Dark circles and Puffy Eyes Contour Treatment


Seasonal Facial (45 mins)


Spring Summer /Autumn Winter – incl rubber mask for hydration & product infusion.

Seasonal Facial For All skin types for a deep hydrating treatment (depending on availability)

*Price depending on the Season.


With face neck & shoulder massage (60mins)        180

Add an Ampoule for an extra                             $25

50% Lactic Peel Facial

Sothys Lactic Acid Professional Peel has been designed to resurface superficial lines and wrinkles and stimulate cell rejuvenation as part of Sothys holistic approach to skin management.

The Lactic Acid Peel is formulated with 50% Lactic acid to provide an intensive skin peeling particularly for mature or ageing skin types, with immediate results.

Allantoin and Cotton seed extract are included to offer softening and calming properties to the peel.

Key benefits of the Lactic Acid Pro Peel:

– Loosens and removes the surface debris on the skin.

– Softens corneal skin cells – stimulates natural ceramide production

– Smoothes fine lines.

– Extremely effective at stimulating natural collagen production for a fresh appearance. Great for mature skin.

– Is a non-irritating acid treatment and OK for fine textured skin

– No “down time”, no noticeable flaking of the skin

Price: Just $159 Or course of 4 $139 each

CosmeceutiqueRX Facial
SothysCosmeceutique range has been designed to activate cell rejuvenation and energetic capacity as part of Sothys holistic approach to skin management.

The Glysalac Professional Peeling is formulated with high potency Glycolic & Salicylic acid for an intensive skin peeling in a professional protocol to ensure maximum benefits in a treatment.

Available in a 30 minute express protocol for busy clients short of time. A 60 minute treatment includes a professional ampoule serum, massage and treatment mask, refining skin texture, bringing instant radiance and smoothing the skin… revealing a more even and clarified complexion.

A series of 5-10 professional treatments, while using prescribed Sothys professional skin care in home support (according to your skin type) is recommended for optimal results.

Price: $165 (45 mins)

Cosmeceutical RX Facial

Price: $115 (30 mins)

Energising Facial

Suitable for all skin types of all ages prior to any Sothys treatment course to increase energy output resulting in an improved dynamic in the skin.

Siberian Ginseng which survives in -40% Celcius

Price: $169 (45 mins)

Collagen Hyaluronic Facial

The ultimate cosmeceutical resurfacing and regenerating program designed to target each skin’s ‘grade’ of ageing with adaptations to treat and preserve the youth of the skin.

Price: $159

Perfect V Shaped Serum Neck Facial

Sothys new Perfect V-Shape treatment, with M3.0 peptides offers dermo-lifting and dermo-refining of the neck and jowls.

M3.0 peptides boost collagen synthesis to support a long-lasting dermal structure.

The treatment provides an immediate and long lasting firming and slimming result on the jawline and neck and is suitable for all skin types showing signs of a slackened jawline, double chin or “text neck”

A series of 5 treatments delivered every 2 weeks while using the Perfect Shape neck serum at home yields the best results.

Price: $159

Sensitive Cold Spoon Therapy Facial

Cold Spoon Therapy
Discover the efficiency of this professional institute treatment with your Sothys beauty therapist. The ultra-gentle textures of this treatment have been formulated to respect the sensitivity of all skin. In just one hour every sensitive skin recovers comfort and serenity.

The skin is more soothed in one hour with 25% reduction in skin sensitivity.

Price: $159 (45 Mins)

Micro-dermabrasion Crystal Peel


Can be used on the face, neck or even on stretch marks on the stomach. Cleans and stimulates the skin for a healthy and glowing skin. Minimises the appearance of shallow acne scarring, face, neck & decolletage resurfacing, fine lines, hand resurfacing and hyper-pigmentation.

Face, neck & Decollotage                                135

Face                                                                110

Recommended with an ampoule to infuse hydration extra


Course of 10 Micro-dermabrasion sessions

face to be paid upfront best results to be taken 7 days apart


Skin Scanning (20 mins)


The skin scanner gives the Beauty Therapist the ability to look 4 layers deep, with far more accuracy than the eye, to diagnose and analyse a wide range of skin conditions to better help you with your concerns and to recommend a skin regime for you in salon and at home.                                                                           355 I S   S P E C I A l T Y   B O D Y   S P A S   &   M A S S A G E S


Hanakasumi Japanese inspired


Cherry blossom and warmed shea butter exfoliation with a special rice paper and hot towel removal with a warmed shea butter & cherry blossom shea butter massage to your liking finishing with a foot reflexology 10 mins massage & body indulgence

Price: $159

Sensorial Spa Massage


 Body exfoliation experience ( your body chooses what aromatic flavours it needs depending on your mood.


Lithos Stone Therapy Massage


Sports Massage without the Muscular strains & pain involved. Heavenly heated and refreshingly chilled rock therapy for healing, cleansing, sports injuries, busy stressed people, fatigue, detoxifying.

With Express Facial (1 hr)                                            169

With rose quartz (1 hr)                                                 147


50 mins Full Body traditional 89


Purchase 2 Full body Massages for Just 150 Payment upfront


Stress Relief 15 Mins Massage (Dressed)

Pressure Point Massage Neck & Shoulders.

Aromatherapy, Swedish & Therapeutic available.


Indian Head Massage


Works on Back, Neck, Head, Shoulders, Facial muscles & Scalp Back, neck shoulders & scalp. ………………………………………………………………………………………………..$85

Back, neck shoulders & scalp (30 min)                                      $60

Spa Sensorial Massage

Create your own personalized sensorial spa experience by choosing from three exquisite aromatic blends (Lemon &Petitgrain, Orange &Cedarwood or Vanilla & Sandalwood) together with your choice of preferred massage product (a cream, oil or wax).

Begin your spa ritual with an exfoliating Sugar & Salt scrub combined with your personalised aromatic essence to smooth and energise the skin… then enjoy a relaxing massage with your aromatic blend of choice.

Price: Just $139 1hr

Aromatic Hot Stone Massage

SOTHYS Aromatic Stone Therapy is designed to re-harmonise the whole person. The techniques used combine various philosophies and treatment methods to leave you relaxed, revived and with a complete sense of wellbeing.

Balinese stones are used to massage and infuse exotic spices. These special stones were chosen for their ability to retain heat assisting the infusion of the oils and aromatic spices.

The Oriental spices, ginger, nutmeg, bitter orange, warm and stimulate the body and calm the mind. A magic combination encouraging healing and wellness, with an essence of peace.

Price: $159.00 (1hr)

Oriental Sensations Spa Ritual Massage Amber and Myrrh $ 155

DermasonicFat Blasting Machine

$200.00 / Treatment

For individuals unhappy with the appearance of cellulite-riddled skin, Dermosonic treatments can offer temporary aesthetic improvements without the need for surgery or recovery time. Treatments are painless and may feel similar to a pleasant massage. Along with reducing the appearance of cellulite, the techniques used with Dermosonic treatments can boost lymph flow, relieve circulatory problems, relax muscles and reduce muscle soreness.

  • J E T    S P A     T R E A T M E N T S


ISIS Spa Jet combines hydrofusion (the blending of two heat technologies – steam and far infared heat) with true hydro-massage therapy via vichy shower and under body water massage. The hi-tech environmental capsule creates a mood like no other – an enrapturing sensation of colour bath chromotherapy mixed with aromatherapy and sound. ISIS Spa Jet treatments are an asset to your health & movement and are highly recommended to detox, relief muscular aches, encourage relaxation and increase blood flow.Highly recommended for arthritis, cellulite healing or just for fun. Choice of Detox, Muscle Recovery, Destress, Hydration, Cellulite Reduction Can be used as a stand alone treatment or you can have with a facial or Body Wrap.

Jet Spa                                                                           49

OR Course of 6 for                                                         150

Jet Spa with Body exfoliation                                            99

  • W E I G H T – L O S S    T R E A T M E N T S


Universal Contour Wrap (2hrs 30 mins)


Course of 3-5 wraps 7-10 days apart recommended plus home care and good diet The all natural sea clay contour wrap is designed to reduce centimetres. Average loss is between 15 and 30cm all over on first wrap. Works on accumulation of toxins – not on weight loss through water. Treatment also tightens, firms and diminishes stretch marks and cellulite. Detoxification great relief for psoriasis and eczema sufferers.


Thigh Wrap & Buttocks                                                                                180


French Body Polish (45 mins)


For a silky smooth, great looking skin.


 Isis Version of “ Death by chocolate” (1 hr  15 mins)


A caramelised body polish and chocolate bath soak by candlelight. Then followed by a warm chocolate cocoon body wrap and massage, finishing off with a firming body cream.


  • H A N D S   &   F E E T    T R E A T S


*Gel overlay with any pedicure for an extra 35
Ultimate Feet & Hand Seduction


Intensive Marine or Chocolate Wrap Pedicure (1 hr) with mini mani (Nail file & cut)


Ultimate Feet Seduction (50 mins) 


Marine or Chocolate Wrap Pedicure 


Marine salts deeply exfoliate the feet and legs,  followed by a warm mud mask and decongesting massage Intense work on the heals and great Massage

Everything your feet desires. A warm spa soak with remineralising salts, exfoliation,choice of chocolate or mud wrap and a rather long aroma-therapeutic massage.




you can have the choice of Botanical hand made products fresh from the Fijian Rainforests a “Pina Colada Pure” fiji Pedicure You receive the choice of Coconut or franjapani body butters and natural exfoliations also with a rather long indulgent feet massage including , foot soak, cuticle work, toenail cut, file, buff exfoliation and massage with a polish.

Time Saver Face Makeover 45mins – Spa Facial 20mins (cleanse tone exfoliate eyecream moisturise), eyebrow wax, neck and shoulder massage

– upgrade available for a more intense Seasonalfacial 50 extra

– or just add an ampoule to make the treatment last 2 weeks extra 20


Foot Soak, nail cut & File with Gel Overlay (40 mins)


– Permanent polish, choice of colour

– Rebook 4 weeks



Happy Feet that Delicious you can eat them (45 mins)


Foot soak, toe nail cut & File, quick heels treatment, exfoliation, healthy hoof treatment for dry cracked heals & Moisturiser. Extreme moisture infusion. Great for arthritis pain and stiff joints.                                                                         65


Polish extra                                 15

Express Pedicure (30 mins)
For the person with perfect feet. Nail cut and file, exfoliate & moisturise.                                                55

Polish extra                                              15

Natural Nail Rituals


Delicious Hands Spa Manicure (45 mins)

Energising soak, followed by a delicious aroma Sothys scrub infused with exotic spices and essential oils of ginger, nutmeg, mandarin and orange. next a magical dry aromatic oil massage and a hydrating cream to finish.


Magnifique Moisture Paraffin Manicure (40 mins)       57


Man-tastic Hands 


Even the Men need hand attention for dry cracked and stained hands let us take care of this and suggest some homecare to stop those hands from drying and cracking Extreme moisture infusion!


French Extravagance Manicure with Natural French 


Nail cut filed, soaked, exfolliated, Massaged and your choice of French Nail colours Handilicious with your choice of professional Nail Colour.

Maintenance – Cut and file & Nail Hardener coat (hands only)    30



Polish only (hands only)                                             23

Nail repairs (per nail)                                                 15

Full set of French                                                       85

Gel overlays (hands or feet)                                         77

Refill: 2wk Fill                55     wk Fill                                    59

4 Week fill or over full set price maximum 2 breakages, over that

Gel soak off plus mini manicure                                  75

nail art available on request                                       20

Party/special occasions tips                                        65

French/Special Occasion Party tips                             65

Pay for Group of 6 for special occassion tips up fron: Receive a spray tan each half price

  • C O S M E T I C   T A T T O O I N G    P E R M A N E N T    M A K E U P

All Make up tattooing needs a full consultation to ensure that you are fully aware of the treatment and we have decided on shape and colour before the actual treatment




 (top or bottom)  With follow up visit in 6 weeks for any necessary touch ups or if you choose to add more colour




(top or Bottom)  includes one visit only.

2nd Eye line visit 199 for 1/2hr if booked individually.


Eye brows


Included is your touch up visit in 6 weeks.


Lip line


Needed can be up to 3 extra visits at 150 each extra visit.

Beauty spot, full lip colour, full lip blend … P.O.A


  • M A K E  U P


One on one make up tuition to show you what colours that you should choose to enhance your best appearances and give your natural talent a boost. Give you the application help and tips on what brushes to use and how to get that professional finished touch.

Wedding/special occasion make-up                          80

Trial make-up                                                         60

Day make-up                                                         65

Make up Class & Skin Consultation


  • T A N N I N G


Collagen Firming Bed                                    365

Collagen firming Bed                               45/treatment

Tan with exfoliation                                       75

To make you Slimmer & Sexy – (Not Orange based Chemical FREE) World Standard Tanning(Pre tanning & After tanning instructions must be followed for tanning guarantee)


Chemical Free and Green Based Spray tanning (Sun FX)

Choice of Caribbean, standard colour and Rapid.


  • L A S H E S   A N D   T I N T I N G

Lash Extensions (Pieces)                                   50

Full Set of False Lashes                                     180

False Eye Lash application (lashes not inc)              15

Eye treatment (lash, brow tint & eye brow wax)       48.50

lash tinting                                                         20

t………………………….. $17.50

  • P I E R C I N G  &  B O D Y   A R T 


Our point of difference is we are highly qualified with 11 years in the beauty and piercing industry and do not at any time jeopardise you or your child’s body with cheap or unsterilised jewellery or equipment

We use the highest grade metals Leeched No lead Nickle or Mercury will be found in our Jewellery…


Ear Piercing  (spring loaded gun )

Piercing Price Includes earrings and piercing.

extra 8.95 ear care solution


Body Piercing


performed by our accredited body piercer. Please ask for a price list. Bring a friend to be pierced as well and receive 10% off

This offer is for body piercing only not ear piercing unless it is tragus…


Choice of tasteful tattoos

from 120/hr Estimated price P.O.A.


  • E L E C T R O L Y S I S


Permanent hair removal (15 mins)


For Men or Women

Facial hair, beards, eye brows, lip, chin & other areas that are thick and stubborn – hair colour does not matter.

For the Permanent reduction of those thick nasty hormonal hairs which can be found on the face or neck region.

By methods of high frequency.

with Ampoule to calm  59.95



  • D I A T H E R M Y


Permanent spider vein removal (15 mins)


( Face ,Nose, Legs, chest, decolletage)

for removal of capillaries around nose and cheek areas consultation would be highly recommended

Follow up visits may be necessary


Skin tag Removal (15 Mins)                                80

Age Spot Removal (15Mins)                                   80


  • E A R S


Ear Candling 


Instead of going to the doctors for them to drip wet water over you and cause discomfort in the ear. Come and try our Ear Candling, relaxing peaceful just a gentle trickle of smoke into the ear that loosens up the wax and with the shape of the candle it draws out the wax so you can see at the end. Much more successful No Pain…..

A course may be recommended helps with Migraines sinuses and cold blockages.


Late Cancellation fees apply to www.isisbeautysalonwarwick.com.au any services booked by clients  at Isis Beauty & Day Spa that less than 24hrs Notice given to cancel treatments. No show or late cancellations Apply.