Remedial Massage

Remedial massage is a form of deep tissue massage, performed to help the body return to normal after an injury. Remedial massage is indicated for sprains, broken bones, muscle strains and bruises. Remedial massage is done together with other medical procedures to promote healing and recovery.

Benefits of remedial massage

  • Minimizes tenderness and discomfort in the affected area
  • Immediate results, requires only a few treatment sessions
  • Can successfully treat cartilage damage, hamstring injuries and Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Can reduce muscle soreness from over exertion

Treatment process

It is a requirement for the remedial massage therapist to have a thorough background of the human anatomy and physiology. The massage therapist uses firm strokes with regulated pressure on injured deep tissues to encourage natural healing. These strokes are also designed to increase the lymphatic blood flow in the injured area.

What to expect?

Remedial massage can effectively remove blockages, damage cells and scar tissue formations. Injured clients will be able to observe an increase in their activity levels, similar to that of their non-injured state. Aside from fixing mechanical injuries, remedial massage therapy also promotes full body relaxation.