6 reasons why we should we have pedicures?

1. A massage on the feet & warm water helps circulation of blood through  the feet and stimulation of certain points of the body link to vital organs to make you feel good all over.


2. Pedicure is ideal for people who suffer from hard calluses and excessive skin growth. Exfoliation of feet during pedicure helps much in such cases.
3. For people suffering from diabetes, proper foot care is essential and pedicure helps facilitate this.


4.  We need to have pedicures as they make our feet look good and young.


5. Of course pedicures make us all feel good and confident when in slip-ons.


6. Relief of stress and tension


 Pedicures are cheap and affordable, so why not have one each week?

Health Benefits of having Pedicure

Having pedicure has all sorts of benefits including:

  • Cleaning, cutting and clipping the nails, prevents then from growing inward, which could potentially cause infections.
  •  It also helps eliminate dirt and foul odour.
  • Sloughing and exfoliation helps in clearing the dead skin. It is good to do this because If dead skin accumulates it causes bunions and corns.
  • It also creates smooth and more appealing feet.