A manicure is a beauty treatment for both the hands and nails, it usually includes a massage, nail shaping and the option of having nail polish applied. Although, a manicure can be done at home, it is much better when it is done by a professional at a salon – they will be experienced and  it will improve the health of your hands, leaving them soft, while protecting your nails from fungus and various other problems.



Benefits of a manicure

Manicures not only look great, they also have loads of great benefits including:

  • The movement when massaging the hands is actually good for increasing blood circulation, improving the overall health of hands and skin.
  • Future nail problems, including brittle tis and splits can be prevented.
  • Hangnails  – the saw torn skin next to fingernails – can be removed.
  • The flexibility and suppleness of hands and wrist will be increased.
  • Your nails will be tidied up and shaped, this will lead to stronger nails in the long run.
  • Any skin problems can be identified and taken care of.