What is LED light therapy?


LED light therapy is the application of light energy to the skin with benefits. This is usually a combination of Blue light, Red light and infrared light wave .This process is similar to the process of plant photosynthesis whereby there is natural bio-chemical reaction. It has been proven that LED treatment promotes the healing and growth of Human tissue. It is an affordable safe.


This machine is referred to as Cold Laser and it has 3,000 diodes. It gives constant light and does not flicker. The fact that the machine covers an extensive area ensures that the entire face and the neck are treated at a go. The machine is also flexible and is adaptable for treatments all over the body.

How does LED light therapy help?

This therapy has uncountable benefits to the skin which include and are not limited to:

  • It accelerates the repair and replacement of damaged skin cells.
  • It boosts and activates the metabolism of skin cells.
  • It also stimulates the production of collagen and skin elasticity.
  • It helps in having a healthy smooth skin.
  • It helps clear wrinkles and fine lines.
  • It restores skin moisture and smoothens skin texture.
  • It helps clear and heal blemishes, blackheads and whiteheads.
  • It helps reduce the inflammation as well as reducing the number of papules and pustules.

Why have LED light therapy?

In comparison to other procedures done on skin, this is the most attractive skin care since it has plenty of benefits to the skin- from cellulite reduction, facial rejuvenation all through to acne treatments. This process is a notch high as compared to other skin care treatments which include:

    • It has no negative side-effects.
    • There is no surgery so you are sure of safety since you do not have to face the knife.
    • The process does not cause thermal damage since it does not involve UV light.
    • The process does not lead to discoloration and scarring.
    • And of course most importantly there is no down time on the process.
    • It is relatively cheap and affordable as compared to other skin rejuvenation processes.

Who can L.E.D Light Therapy be done on?

Unlike the common believe that only some people should have the treatment, the fact is that both men and women can have LED light therapy done on them. Regardless of the skin type and age, this process can be done on anyone who is willing to have a healthier, younger looking skin.

Benefits of each treatment on example acne, antiageing, wrinkles, capillaries, rosacea, eczema.

Led Light therapy has proven useful for a variety of skin upgrading. This is an ultimate skin care from cellulite reduction, eczezma, wrinkles, antiageing and other skin conditions like acne treatments, stretch marks, acne scars and generally for skins facial rejuvenation.

People suffering from Rosacea are advised to use Led therapy but they should go slow on it so as to establish if their skin can tolerate the treatment. However this treatment has benefited people with this condition while others have found they cannot use it.

Psoriasis is yet another skin condition that LED light therapy treats. Since the light waves increase the circulation of blood and help in restoring moisture back into the skin.

Wrinkles and fine lines are treated by LED therapy since the process helps the skin keeps producing new cells that replace the old one it means that the skin gets a new skin gradually as one undergoes the process of the treatment.

Acne is yet another skin condition that is managed by LED therapy. Acne is caused by many factors like use of birth control pills, menstrual periods, puberty, and hyperactive sebaceous glands among others. However, this condition does not have a cure. All one has to do is keep it under control LED treatment is one of the ways in which acne can be kept in control. The Blue Light gets to the root of the acne eruptions –Propionibacterium, which is the bacteria responsible for acne inflammation, will pump out some tiny molecules called porphyrins which when exposed to a certain wavelength of light will produce free radicals that kill the bacteria that causes acne. After like four LED treatments, the acne should disappear.

Since LED therapy involves Light, the Red light therefore increases the circulation of blood which helps in reduction of skin inflammation as well as nourishing the damaged skin tissues. The production of collagen and elasticity is on the other hand taken care of by the Infrared light.


  • Is it safe to have LED therapy after tanning?

Yes it is absolutely safe! Since there is no UV in the LED therapy, it does not matter whether one gets the treatments before or after tanning. Actually LED therapy helps in soothing and correcting damage caused by the sun.

  • How Safe is LED therapy?

Unlike other skin rejuvenation treatments like peels, lasers and other treatments that are ablative, Led treatment are initially subtle, LED therapy does not force the skin to regenerate thus damaging it. The longer one is exposed to the light, the more the results will show on the skin. The light waves used in LED therapy cannot burn the sensitive skin tissue. You can be sure this is the best treatment that will give you that healthy young and toned skin you have been yearning for.

  • How painful is LED Light Therapy?

Unlike many other skin rejuvenation treatments, LED therapy does not hurt at all. This is a tender, non-invasive, non-abrasive painless process. Generally there have been no reported cases of adverse reactions.

  • Can I combine Led treatment with other treatments?

Yes you can. This therapy can be administered concurrently with other treatments or alone. The fact is that LED therapy treatment is quite complimentary with other skin treatments. Any treatment that is not abrasive works well with this therapy. Non-ablative laser, IPL treatments, dermal fillers and Botox all work well together with LED therapy treatments.

  • What skin conditions do they treat?

LED treatment treat quite a number of skin conditions which include:

-Acne vulgaris


-Neonatal jaundice


-Can also be used to correct tanning caused by ultra violent radiation.

Skin related Problems helped by LED therapy

Besides skin conditions like Psoriasis, there are other skin related cases like wounds that are hard to heal. In Wounds such as diabetic skin ulcers, severe oral sores like those caused by chemotherapy and radiation and serious burns can be treated by LED therapy. LED therapy boosts energy to the skin cells and this is what accelerates healing.

An over tanned skin is also worked on and soothed by LED treatment. The UV rays from the sun can badly damage the skin but we have LED therapy to correct this. A number of this therapy help heal and restore the over tanned skin to an admirable tone.

The Process of led treatment

This process is purely through light, deep penetrating light. At wavelengths from 600 to 630 nanometers, light penetrates skin tissue to a depth of 8-10 mm. The layers of the skin due to their water content and high blood absorb red light more readily and this helps in stimulating the body’s response to heal itself. The skin is unique in that it determines which of the wavelengths of light it requires therefore this light produces a curative effect. Red and infrared portions of light have been proven to produce healing effects to the living tissues of the skin.

Led therapy drives light into the skin cells.The energy penetrates deep into the skin and clears the appearances of ageing line wrinkles, fine lines and enlarged pores among others. This light that is pumped deep into the skin stimulates production of new, healthy skin. It also slows the breakdown of the collagen and restores the skins elasticity.

The practical process of undertaking LED therapy is as follows:

  • Make sure you double cleanse the skin.
  • Exfoliation is next. This can either be done by use of Light microdermabrasion, exfoliating scrub or Sircuit skin’s cranberry.
  • Dry the skin.
  • Apply a water based serum on the body part you want to Use Led therapy on.
  • Choose the LED therapy treatment.
  • Apply the mask for 5 minutes and then remove it carefully.
  • Apply hydrator.

What to expect of LED therapy treatment

It is important that one has their expectations in line with this procedure. First and most importantly, one should have patience since the results are not instant and it is a gradual process that will give results after sometime, usually within two to three months. However, the following are notable changes one should have over time:

  • The skin complexion will glow.
  • The skin will get tender.
  • The wrinkles and fine lines will be less visible.
  • The congested areas of the skin will be diffused.

How many LED treatments?

Well for sure we cannot say the exact number of LED treatments that will work on each individual, reason being that people are different and each individual skin will react differently. Basically, with four treatments, one should be able to see the fine wrinkles gone, the skin looking smoother and the acne scars disappearing. Ideally for the first four weeks it is advisable to have three treatments each week and to get good results, we recommend one takes the treatment for six months. After the first six months one can do maintenance treatments once or twice a month.