Micro Green Peel

green peel facial

A Micro Green Peel is a herbal-based skin peeling treatment. It is 100% safe and uses the natural enzymes that occur in plants to peel of the out most layer of skin. The micro green peel is generally used as a treatment for acne, acne-related scars, superficial lines, ageing skin and wrinkles. The treatment uses organic products, unlike some other skin peeling treatments that are laden with chemical additives. A Micro Green Peel works by increasing the blood flow of the skin, which acts a gentle exfoliant.

Benefits of Micro Green Peel

The micro green peel can be used as a treatment on all skin types. This treatment can improve:

    • Acne
    • Acne scars and other scarring
    • Fine lines, wrinkles and aged-skin
    • Sun-damaged skin
    • Loose skin
    • Rough skin
    • It is also invigorating and can rejuvenate, enhancing the appearance of skin.

Skin conditions treated

A micro green peel treatment is very effective. It can treat of a variety of skin complaints including a rough complexion, premature ageing of skin, superficial lines and stretch marks. The treatment also works great against cellulites, loss of elasticity, hyper-pigmentation and poor blood circulation in the skin. This treatment may have varying results for different people, it all depends on how an individual’s skin regenerates.

Treatment Process

At the beginning of the treatment a mild cleanser is used. The herbal-based mixture – a blend of non-toxic, organic ingredients – is then applied on the face and massaged thoroughly for around 30 to 45 minutes. The mixture is nonabrasive and does not cause a burning sensation or any irritation. During the application process, the micro-particles exfoliate the outermost layer of skin. This improves circulation, oxygen supply and metabolism. The positive effects of the treatment begin to show in as little as three to five days.

What to expect?

After the treatment, skin will feel warm and look a little bit flushed, like that of mild sunburn. During this time of healing, it is essential that the individual is careful about what skin care products are applied to the area – mild and hypo-allergenic products are usually advised. By day three, the skin usually begins to peel off on its own. Once the old layer of skin has fallen off, a sunscreen with SPF 30 or above must be applied for the next several weeks. This will protect the new layer of skin.


  • After my skin has peeled, how will it look?

Once the skin has completely peeled, there will be no redness in the new layer of skin. There will be a noticeable improvement to the skin’s appearance. It will look clear, smooth, rejuvenated and young.

  • Are there any lasting side effects of a Micro Green Peel treatment?

The Micro Green Peel treatment is safe and there have not been any known side effects. Also, the treatment can be repeated as often as needed, without any harmful effect to the skin.

  •  Does the treatment hurt?

From the moment of application to the actual peeling of the skin, the Micro Green Peel does not cause any pain. Some individuals may find that they feel a tiny sensation when the peel begins to penetrate the skin but it is far from painful.