Skin Aging and Wrinkles


Ageing skin is part of the natural process of getting older and part of that developmental change, is the gradual appearance of wrinkles. As the skin ages, the epidermis (skin’s outermost layer thins out and the metanocytes – cells responsible for skin colour – begin to decrease, causing age spots. Wrinkles occur when the connective tissue and the structure of the skin lose strength and elasticity. Sweat and sebaceous glands also become less productive over time.

Management for skin aging

As skin ageing is a natural occurrence, there’s no treatment to stop it but there several ways to delay its development.

Reduce sun exposure

Most of the changes associated with ageing skin are related to lifelong sun exposure. Avoiding overexposure of sunlight and applying  a protective sun screen is a good start.



Skin – especially ageing skin –  needs to be properly hydrated. This can be done by drinking lots of water and ensuring that moisturising lotion is regularly applied to skin skin. It is best to avoid using heavily scented lotions as they can potentially cause irritation.


Beauty Treatments 

Apart from cosmetic surgery, botox injections and fillers there are actually other less invasive beauty treatments. Some of these include:

  • Chemical Peels – removes fine lines and softens the skin surface/
  • Dermabrasion – removes fine lines and surface scars, can also treat sun damage.
  • Laser Resurfacing – improves sun damage skin and removes various forms of scars.