Treatments for dull sluggish skin

 20% Peel

There are many cosmetic brands that offer various aggressive quick-fix options for skin care but Sothys still remains unique amongst other cosmetic companies in their approach to skin care. Their Intensive Resurfacing Peeling treatment blends Alpha and Beta Hydroxyl acids together along with H2CR™ Cosmeceutical Cellular Renewal to give an enhanced radiance effect. Expect for sensitive skin, it can be used on all skin types from acne-prone to ageing.


Phase 1 : Detoxifying

To deeply cleanse the skin, an exfoliating clay-based paste with natural crystals is used. This removes dead skin cells and deeply cleanses pores. The paste also has an anti-pollution peptide which acts to eliminate  environmental pollutants and micro-particles that build up over time and suffocate the skin’s tissues.


Phase 2: Resurfacing 

The Peeling Renovator solution is used, which is a bonded  20% Glycolic  and Salicylic acid micro-emulsion. When it is applied it acts as an intensive exfoliant and cellular booster. It is responsible for regulating keratin, which results in a refining of the epidermis. The formula is also enriched with licorice extract, which sooths the skin, acting as a sedative to reduce any potential irritation.


Phase 3 : Rebalancing

After the resurfacing phase the Rebalancing Balm – a soothing emulsion incorporating SOTHYS exclusive patented cosmeceutical H2CR™ active complex – is used to promote healthy cellular regeneration. The Rebalancing Balm is also blended with allantoin which as an extra calm and soothing effect on the skin after the use of hydroxyl acids.


Phase 4 : Oxygenating

The last phase is the use of a cooling  and Oxygenating Mask, which contains corn biostimulins rich in nutrients and cell growth factors to promote cellular oxygenation. To further soothe and hydrate the tissues a hydra-softening complex containing a natural amino acid is  included with the soft clay mask. It reduces any warmth on the skin and leaves it radiant and energised.

Sothys Resurfacing Peeling


Clarifying Correcting Treatment

The Correcting Treatment is a powerful clarifying solution for oily-based skin complaints like constant eruptions and aceneic skin, which can be a challenge to fix with conventional treatments for oily skin. Oily skin problems tend to respond well to a series of Sothys Professional Peeling sessions – once a week for five weeks – before the Clarifying Correcting Treatment.


Oily-based skin complaints can easily be maintained with a series of Correcting Treatments with the additional support of a good home-care routine, using the ‘Correcting line’ Regulating Cream and Clarifying Serum and regular exfoliation / deep cleansing with SOTHYS Gommage and Desquacrem.


1. Bi-Phased Exfoliating Lotion (Glycolic acid, Salicylic acid, Kaolin)

This unique lotion works great on the skin as a dual-action deep cleanser. It exfoliates the cellular strata of the skin, targeting follicles and absorbing any impurities.


2. Ultra-Clearness Serum (Alpha hydroxy acids + Salicylic acid + Tea Tree extract) 

The  serum helps to refine the natural texture of skin. Salicylic acid combined with the ansipectic properties found in the tea tree extract and  detoxifying sebo-regulating action of  the licorice extract have a  keratolytic-like effect. The serum leaves the skin feeling soft and smooth.


3.  Clarifying Coolness Mask (Kaolin, Sebnormine, Menthol, Centella Asiatica)

The creamy Clarifying Coolness Mask absorbs  any skins impurities, refreshing  the skin and promoting healing.


4. Normalising Cream with Essential Oils (Isocell Care, Centella Asiatica, Asebiol, B5, Essential oil complex)

This Normalising cream has a fresh aromatic aroma. It’s mild antiseptic and soothing properties helps to regulate any impurities in the skin, leaving it feeling soft, smooth, refreshed and clarified.


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