Eye Facial

The tissues that surround the contour of the eye are the thinnest and most delicate. Fine lines of dehydration and in-elastic tissue appear from an early age and are one of the first indications of ageing skin. This Sothys professional salon-only treatment is specially designed to fight against the ageing of the eye contour.


This intensive treatment is 100% fragrance-free and combines nature and science, with specific massage movements and the latest, scientific active ingredients that help to reduce puffiness, visible signs of ageing and the superficial fine lines surrounding the eye contour area. This treatment has been ophthalmologically tested, meaning it is has been certified as safe to use around the contour of the eye. It offers incredible results using a formula of natural origin and can be used on even the most delicate skin.

Treatment: Refreshing, Decongesting, Protective

Soft Gommage

A nonabrasive exfoliant containing microcapsules with squalene is used to soften the eye contour.

Modelling Cream

The modelling cream is an effective hydrating complex that smooths and restructures the area around the eye. Massage movements are then used to relax surrounding muscles, while encouraging lymphatic drainage.

Coolness Mask

This creamy coolness mask is both refreshing and decongesting. The gel mask is  a blend of cornflower, ginseng and algae. It is  applied under a soothing lotion which contains cucumber and camomile extracts, to support toning and drainage.

Smoothing Serum

The Eye Facial is finished with a serum that firms and hydrates. It also contains allantoin which helps to soothe and calm the skin.