Laser therapy

laser therapy

Laser therapy – Light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation –  uses an intense beam of light to cut, burn and destroy tissues, with accurate precision. Laser therapy cannot completely remove stretch marks  but is effective in reducing their appearance, making them less visible. It is necessary to undergo a series of treatment sessions to achieve these results.


Benefits of laser therapy

  • Can effectively reduce red stretch marks.
  • White stretch marks become less visible.
  • Laser therapy can improve skin texture.
  • Laser therapy reduces inflammation.
  • Treatment is painless and tolerable.
  • Short recovery time after treatment.

What types of stretch marks are treated?

Laser therapy is a highly effective treatment to reduce the redness and minimize the redness and inflammation associated with stretch marks. The stretch marks that are treated include:

– Red stretch marks located near the navel on the abdomen – a common result of pregnancy.

– White stretch marks found on the breast, upper arm, under arm, back, inner and outer thigh, hips and buttocks.

The treatment process

During the treatment process, a laser beam is generated from a controlled and safe radiation source. The beam is  small and precise, making it extremely effective for a variety of medical procedures. To remove stretch marks, the laser  cuts very fine layers from the affected area of skin, until it reaches scar tissue. The contact of the laser beam on scar tissue results in damage, which then heals itself , causing it to be replaced by a new and healthy layer of skin.

What to expect?

Laser therapy as a treatment for the removal of stretch marks is a tolerable and a relatively painless procedure. The treatment also has a short recovery time. There may be mild side effects after the procedure, such as redness and inflammation at the affected site, but this will clear up and disappear after a few days.


  • What are the risks of having laser therapy?

Laser therapy may not be an effective treatment for some individuals. People with darker skin tones have a risk of developing post-inflammatory hyper pigmentation – a form of skin discoloration – that will fade over time.

  • Is laser therapy expensive?

Laser therapy as a treatment to remove stretch marks is not a cheap procedure, and as it is cosmetic, it tends not to be covered by health insurance policies.  As it is advisable to have a series of treatment sessions to achieve better results, it is a good idea to save up for this expense.

  • Important reminder

Consult with your physician before starting the treatment. He can provide more information about other treatment options.