VPL Skin Rejuvenation on stretch marks

Variable Pulse Light (VPL) skin rejuvenation is a safe and non-surgical approach to reducing the appearance of stretch marks. The VPL Skin Rejuvenation procedure consists of having rapid pulses of light energy directed on to an area of  skin with imperfections, while improving the texture, tone and overall appearance. When VPL is used as a treatment for stretch marks, it produces a small amount of heat energy that induces microscopic legions on scar tissues which promotes cell regeneration and healing. VPL Skin Rejuvenation is among the most effective treatments for reducing the appearance of stretch marks.

Benefits of VPL Skin rejuvenation

  • Non-invasive, non-ablative and non-surgical
  • The procedure is painless and tolerable
  • Minimal side-effects
  • Effective for all skin types
  • Treats various skin conditions such as sun spots, wrinkles, fine lines, scars and acne.

What types of stretch marks are treated?

VPL Skin Rejuvenation is a successful treatment for both new and old stretch marks. New stretch marks are the easiest to treat with VPL, they can be distinguished by their red and purple colouring. They may also be raised or appear inflamed. Old stretch marks – usually an off white colour – tend to take longer to heal as they are deeply embedded in the dermis.


The treatment process

VPL Skin Rejuvenation works by emitting a controlled amount of filtered light energy with a series of shots and flashes, which targets scar tissue  – tissue responsible for stretch mark formation – located beneath the epidermal layer of the skin.  The light energy that is emitted is then converted into heat, damaging  and stimulating the scar tissue, which encourages new cells.

What to expect?

Before the treatment process, a cooling gel may be applied to the problem area to ensure adequate absorption and  penetration of light energy. Once the treatment has been completed, the cooling gel is removed and is replaced with sun screen, which is then applied over the treated area of skin. There may be a warm sensation and a slight reddening of skin but this will quickly fade. It is essential that sun bathing and the use of tanning beds are avoided for at least seven days following treatment. After about three to five treatment sessions, stretch marks will become less visible.


  • What areas of skin can be treated?

VPL skin rejuvenation can be used on all areas of skin – face and body. It can also be used on all skin types.

  • Can this treatment be used alongside other therapies?

Yes, VPL Skin Rejuvenation can be used with other therapies. However, it is essential to avoid tanning and direct sunlight for at least seven days before and after the treatment.

  • What factors determine the effectiveness of VPL skin rejuvenation?

Skin condition, age and lifestyle.