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BODY WAXING TIPS  to make sure you get the best out of your waxing.
1. To calm the area down you can use either cold wet towels or have a nice cool shower.
2. Depending on how sensitive your skin is depends on how long the area may remain red or if you have had a very normal reaction after you waxing you will find that you will see some raised areas in amongst the redness.
(If you are not red and have no raised bumps do not worry that means your skin is very tough and you are lucky)
3. Your skin may stay red worse case would be over night. Make sure you stay cool and comfortable.
No hot showers, no hot spas and make sure you do not do any fake tanning within the next 24hrs to ensure that you do not get tan in your open pores.
4. If you have any remaining wax still on you this will wash very easily in the shower just with your exfoliation or your body wash.
5. As your therapist may have explained if your new to waxing it will take a few times at waxing then it will become easier and eventually the hair will become less.
6. Your hair grows in 6 stages and we need to get them all into Anagen this is where the hair is growing and at its strongest. Once we get your hair all to this stage you will really benefit to the decision of waxing.
You will find that some times your hair grows back quicker than others.
When your hair is at any other stage it is on its last legs.
 That means a new hair is starting to grow underneath and at any time from days the next hair will be coming out of the follicle.
Anagen stage growth can be a little more painful as we are pulling out at the root but it will last the longest.
7. Your waxing will become a benefit to you and over the years you will have less hair.
Ps: best times to avoid waxing is before that time of the menstrual cycle and the week after.
Look forward to giving you some more info.
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Where you will discover different techniques on hair epilation. Including waxing techniques. The difference between waxing styles, the wax used on various areas and preparation.
How to get the best out of your waxing hair removal.
Happy Waxing!!   See you in 4 weeks for your Next Waxing!!
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