Stretch marks

Stretch marks, also known as striae in the field of dermatology, are unsightly skin irregularities that have a band, stripe or line appearance. These skin marks initially have reddish to purplish colouring, which eventually lightens to an off-color hue. Stretch mark formation results from the tearing of the skin’s dermis, the area beneath the epidermis or the outermost layer of the skin. Stretch marks commonly occur on skin areas that experience rapid stretching; these areas include the breasts, hips, thighs, and buttocks as well as the flank and abdomen. Pregnancy and weight gain can also cause stretch mark formation. There are various treatment options and procedures that can help improve the appearance of existing stretch marks.

Treatment Options

LED Light Therapy

LED light therapy is the application of light energy to the skin with benefits. This is usually a combination of Blue light, Red light and infrared light wave .This process is similar to the process of plant photosynthesis whereby there is natural bio-chemical reaction. It has been proven that LED treatment promotes the healing and growth of Human tissue. It is an affordable safe.


Led Light therapy has proven useful for a variety of skin upgrading. This is an ultimate skin care from cellulite reduction, eczema, wrinkles, anti-ageing and other skin conditions like acne treatments, stretch marks, acne scars and generally for skins facial rejuvenation.



Laser Therapy

laser therapy

Laser therapy – Light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation –  uses an intense beam of light to cut, burn and destroy tissues, with accurate precision. Laser therapy cannot completely remove stretch marks  but is effective in reducing their appearance, making them less visible. It is necessary to undergo a series of treatment sessions to achieve these results.

Laser therapy is a highly effective treatment to reduce the redness and minimize the redness and inflammation associated with stretch marks. The stretch marks that are treated include:
– Red stretch marks located near the navel on the abdomen – a common result of pregnancy.

– White stretch marks found on the breast, upper arm, under arm, back, inner and outer thigh, hips and buttocks.



 Derma Rolling

Derma Rolling is a non-surgical treatment that can help improve blemishes including hyper pigmentation, superficial lines, wrinkles and several other skin imperfections. A Derma Roller is a hand-held device that has a little surface area and wheel with micro needles. The procedure works by creating pin-pricks on the skin, resulting in a slight cut and a small amount of bleeding. The skin will naturally heal the wounded area, forming new skin cells and collagen – a protein that can fill scar tissue, balance skin tone, reduce lines and help scar tissue reform. The healing process is usually complete within a year, in which skin will show a visible improvement.


The treatment cannot completely remove stretch marks, but it is helpful in reducing the appearance. The formation of collagen on the treated skin can help fill in the tears associated with stretch marks, as well as restoring the natural elasticity and tightness.



VPL Skin Rejuvenation

Variable Pulse Light (VPL) skin rejuvenation is a safe and non-surgical approach to reducing the appearance of stretch marks. The VPL Skin Rejuvenation procedure consists of having rapid pulses of light energy directed on to an area of  skin with imperfections, while improving the texture, tone and overall appearance. When VPL is used as a treatment for stretch marks, it produces a small amount of heat energy that induces microscopic legions on scar tissues which promotes cell regeneration and healing.


VPL Skin Rejuvenation is among the most effective treatments for reducing the appearance of stretch marks.