Derma Rolling: Face and Body

Derma Rolling is a non-surgical treatment that can help improve blemishes including hyper pigmentation, superficial lines, wrinkles and several other skin imperfections. A Derma Roller is a hand-held device that has a little surface area and wheel with micro needles. The procedure works by creating pin-pricks on the skin, resulting in a slight cut and a small amount of bleeding. The skin will naturally heal the wounded area, forming new skin cells and collagen – a protein that can fill scar tissue, balance skin tone, reduce lines and help scar tissue reform. The healing process is usually complete within a year, in which skin will show a visible improvement.



What are the benefits of Derma Rolling?

  • It can help minimize and reduce the inflammation of scars.
  • It can smooth out fine lines and wrinkles, leaving the skin looking and feeling softer and tighter.
  • It can lighten blemishes and balance out skin tone.
  • It can support the restoration of damaged nerve endings.
  • After the treatment the skin’s epidermal layer remains intact.

The treatment process

During the treatment process, the micro-needles on the derma roller are used to penetrate the epidermis layer of skin to injure the dermal layer. The body’s cells that are responsible for healing migrate to the site of injury, supporting the formation of collagen. Eventually, due to this natural healing process, a thick sheet of collagen will simply form over the injured area of skin, this new layer helps with alignment and the reorganization of scar tissue, leaving the area feeling smooth and appearing even.

What to expect?

A Derma Roller should only be administered by someone with the experience and knowledge, after the treatment, the surface of the skin should still be intact, without any peeling. If the treatment is carried out incorrectly, it can actually have a damaging effect by leading to further scarring. After the treatment, the skin will heal naturally. The effectiveness of the therapy can vary from person to person and is really dependant on the person’s age, skin thickness, health and lifestyle – all these factors contribute to the skins natural ability to heal. Individuals that are malnourished or have vitamin and mineral deficiencies will have poor skin healing abilities with those that don’t.


  • Is Derma Roller therapy painful?

Although the therapy is not painful, it is not intolerable, there might be a mild discomfort or sensation that can be likened to a slight sunburn. There may also be some localised redness and bleeding but these will quickly disappear.

  • Is the therapy effective on stretch marks?

The treatment cannot completely remove stretch marks, but it is helpful in reducing the appearance. The formation of collagen on the treated skin can help fill in the tears associated with stretch marks, as well as restoring the natural elasticity and tightness.

  • Are there any precautions I need to take after the treatment?

After the therapy, the skin will be photosensitive, therefore, it is advised that direct sun-exposure and tanning beds are avoided for a minimum of five days. Applying sunscreen will also help minimize any risk.